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Krepo is pretty cool guy. Eh steals all the kills and doesnt afraid of anything.

Drew this watching the LCS. Loving the tournament so far, backing Evil Geniuses all the way. The EU games have been pretty interesting compared to the NA. I mean, look, I like some of Curse’s players a lot, but they’re crushing so hard. Mixed feelings about that. In terms of EG’s games, didn’t expect the Sonas but the team seemed really comfortable with their picks.

Anyway, yeah, might do more pro-player/team fanart stuff in the future? Liked watching Nyph and hyrqBot this weekend, and the Wolves really impressed me even if they got demolished. I just like their playstyle. So maybe some stuff for them.

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If any EG fanbros felt inclined to let them know this exists, that’d be rad. I tweeted this to Krepo but no idea if he saw it, seeing as I sent it during the LCS qq

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